Welcome to Charming Chapters Rewards!

We offer rewards on every purchase AND when you refer a friend! To sign up for our rewards program or login to your rewards account, click the pink rewards button on the bottom right of the website. This will take you to your rewards account, show you how many points you have, let you redeem points*, and provide you with your referral link to receive a $5 coupon for every friend** you refer. 

Sign up for our Rewards Program here!

If you have any questions or concerns about your rewards please email us at charmingchapters@hotmail.com . Thank you for supporting our small business.

* Points can be given and redeemed for most purchases, but can not be given or redeemed for bulk discount orders or wholesale orders.

** You are only allowed one rewards account per physical address. You can not refer yourself or someone else at the same address. If done, both accounts, points given, and any referral coupons used may be deemed invalid/revoked.